Albert Einstein 
International School

The American International School in San Pedro Sula, Honduras




American High School Program

In the American High School Program, Albert Einstein International School offers a comprehensive program in which students prepare to attend American, Canadian or European colleges/universities. The American High School program includes ninth to twelfth grade. At Albert Einstein International School, students need to earn 24 credits or more in order to obtain the High School diploma. Those credits are obtained by taking U.S. core courses and electives which are offered at A.E.I.S.


Additionally, Albert Einstein International School offers a variety of programs that are the Advanced Placement “AP” and Honors programs, in which our students can obtain better strength at the moment of applying to United States or foreign colleges/universities.


The Advanced Placement or “AP” is a program composed by rigorous college-level courses in which our students may obtain U.S. college/university credits while attending our High School. The Advanced Placement program is a symbol of excellence and quality among U.S. High Schools and American International Schools. Additionally, our students can gain the edge in college/university preparation and stand out in the U.S. college/university admissions process. Our AP courses are instructed by doctors or teachers that have taught in prestigious United States universities such as Harvard University, Miami Dade College, Michigan State University, Princeton University and others. Also, our advanced students have the possibility to obtain the AP Scholar award by which can obtain merit scholarships. 

In the 2016-2017 school year, Albert Einstein International School will offer the following AP courses: 

a) Biology

b) French Language and Culture

c) Macroeconomics

d) United States Government and Politics.


The Honors program is composed by rigorous high school courses designed to challenge and prepare each student for success in the college/university the student decides to attend. Students can gain an edge in the college/university admission process. In the 2016-2017 school year, Albert Einstein International School will offer the following Honors courses: 

a) Calculus

b) Chemistry

c) Human Anatomy and Physiology.