Albert Einstein 
International School

The American International School in San Pedro Sula, Honduras




Our Campus

The school is located in the western area, in the Los Andes neighborhood, one of the most fashionable suburbs of San Pedro Sula, the second largest city of Honduras.

The school's 2-acre campus consists in:
a) The Elementary level (grades 1-3), the Computer Lab, and the Cafeteria in the first floor of area A. 
b) The second part of the Elementary level (grades 4-6) in the second floor of building at area A.
c) The Middle and High School level (grades 7-11) in the third floor of the campus building in area A.
d) The second part of High School (grade 12) and administration office in the first floor of building at area E.
e) The science lab in the second floor of building at area F.
f) The library in the second floor of building at area F.
g) The A.E.I.S. Gym at area E.
h) Two outdoor hard surface courts for basketball, volleyball and soccer in area B and D.
i) The rooms for foreign faculty in area C.
j) A soccer court with imported synthetic grass and the Pre-School level in area F.

Albert Einstein International School of San Pedro Sula saw its enrollment soar to over 320 students. In March 2018, AEIS students were thrilled to be welcomed by a new "Area F" with a new Auditorium, a new library, new classroom sections, and a new Science (Biology and Chemistry) Lab. The new crystal/glass enclosed auditorium and Science Laboratory has all the basic amenities associated with comparable facilities at international schools.

             Aerial view of AEIS in 2006